About the Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Team

We are the Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology (EGSB) Team, part of the ERDC Environmental Laboratory. Our mission is simple: to provide customers and stakeholders with innovative solutions to their complex, biologically oriented problems using a comprehensive approach that is both multiscale and multidisciplinary. Science occurs across all scales, from the molecular to the massive, and biology often requires us to understand how the science on one scale informs and regulates the science on another. Concepts such as “cell,” “organism,” and even “ecosystem” are in some sense just boundaries that restrict our perspective, and our team strives to track the chain of causality across these boundaries and assemble a truly comprehensive picture of nature and the environment that is capable of providing fresh, novel solutions to problems of great scientific merit. To accomplish our mission we have assembled a multidisciplinary brain trust of PhD’s and technicians consisting of both theorists and experimentalists, biologists and physicists. Our collective expertise covers a diversity of relevant fields including toxicology, genomics, bioinformatics, network science, information theory, active soft matter, and many more. If you have a quandary or quagmire in queue that you consider us qualified to quench, quash, or quarantine, feel free to contact us.