Our team specializes in Ecological Life Cycle Impact Assessment (ECO-LCIA) modeling for aquatic ecological systems.  We have pioneered the development of improved LCIA models based upon ecotoxicological impact data gathered for aquatic species exposed to a wide variety of chemicals or other substances in the environment. Our LCIA models more closely use the species sensitivity distribution, which provides higher fidelity than many existing state-of-the-art models, such as USETox. We can therefore offer high quality LCAs that faithfully reflect the data, which is important, because the risk associated with business decisions can be positively managed through a proactive consideration of the likely ecological outcomes.  Our team is in a unique position to offer the following R&D services in support of your Life Cycle Assessment needs:

  • Broad subject matter expertise, from computation to toxicology;
  • Data curation and their ecological interpretation;
  • Life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) modeling of aquatic ecosystem impacts;
  • Expert model analysis and evaluation, and validation studies;
  • Customized graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that meet your specific user needs.