Tool Goals

One of our main goals is to develop tools to assist users in safely bringing synthetic biology products to the market. Below are brief descriptions of our intended products along with references that provide information about the current state of the science. These products will be available through this website as they are created.

Comprehensive Framework for Assessing the Environmental Impact of Synthetic Biology

The primary objective of this effort is to move the risk governance of synthetic biology toward a risk assessment approach; we will be exploring quantitative risk metrics and incorporating them into a framework based on the current prevention-based risk governance approach.


Guidance on Regulatory Oversight of Synthetic Biology 

The novelty of synthetic biology poses challenges for the current regulatory environment in terms of both how to assess risk potential and which regulatory bodies have oversight over a given product. When provided information about a synthetic biology product, the tool will output a ranked list of the regulatory bodies most likely to have oversight over that product as well as relevant documentation from similar products that have received regulatory scrutiny.