The EGSB team has access to the on-site high performance computing systems. There are currently three systems available: Onyx, Topaz and the Utility Server. Newer HPC systems are installed every few years, replacing older versions.Onyx includes 2,858 standard nodes (44x 2.8 GHz cores, 128  GB RAM), 4 large memory nodes (44x 2.8 GHz cores, 1 TB RAM), 55 KNL nodes (64x 1.3 GHz cores, 96 GB RAM), and 32 GPU nodes available. It can attain 6.06 PFLOPS.Topaz includes 3,456 standard memory (36x 2.3 GHz cores, 128 GB RAM) nodes and 4 large memory (32x 2.6 GHz cores, 1 TB RAM) nodes. It also has 32 GPU nodes available. It can attain 4.62 PFLOPS.The Utility Server includes 44 compute nodes, each with 16x 2.3 GHz cores with 128 GB RAM. It also has 22 graphics nodes and 22 large memory nodes. It can attain 27 TFLOPS.For more information on ERDC high performance computing, please visit:, the team has built a smaller HPC cluster. There are 15 nodes total, each with an 8-core 4.0 GHz processor and 8 GB RAM. The master node has 4 TB of storage space with a 4 TB backup. The cluster also includes a NAS storage box with an additional 11 TB space.