• 11th Annual q-bio Conference

    Team members Dr. Kevin Pilkiewicz and Dr. Michael Rowland attended the 11 Annual q-bio Conference in Rutgers University. The q-bio community emphasizes the integration of theory, computation, and quantitative experimentation to understand, predict, and control biological phenomena. Drs. Pilkiewicz and Rowland both presented posters of their current projects.

  • Tri-Services Toxicology Consortium

    The EGSB team recently played host to a meeting of the Tri-Service Toxicology Consortium. The TSTC was established to coordinate toxicology services across 15 entities within the DoD, drawing expertise from the Army, Air Force, and Navy. The TSTC meets three times a year to coordinate projects and share data. Dr. Kurt Gust organized this… Read More

  • SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting

    Several members of the team recently visited Minneapolis to attend the SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting. Dr. Kurt Gust presented his work on the toxicology of insensitive munitions. Dr. Michael Mayo presented work on qAOP models for aromatase inhibition and his ecotoxicological impact assessment models. Dr. Michael Rowland presented recent work on predicting bioconcentration… Read More

  • 29th Annual SETAC Europe Meeting

    Dr. Michael Rowland recently visited Finland to present his work, “Stochastic Modeling Multiscale Stationary Biological Processes,” which demonstrates a powerful modeling platform to simulation biological effects from the molecular to the population scales using existing experimental data.

  • School of Advanced Military Studies

    Drs. Kurt Gust and Michael Rowland visited Ft. Leavenworth’s School of Advanced Military Studies with other Environmental Lab members to brief faculty on the Understanding the Environment as a Threat program.